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Join Shawn LaTourette & Michael Marielli in supporting Garden State Equality by joining the walk or donating today.

On Saturday, June 17, we will walk hand-in-hand to help build a stronger, more inclusive community for LGBTQ people and their allies in the Garden State we all love.

Today, we are fortunate to live in a more accepting society where we CAN walk hand-in-hand, raise our non-traditional families, and celebrate our diversity. But that was not always the case. As younger men, Shawn and Michael were both bullied and not always accepted by their peers. But GSE's work has helped to change hearts and minds, and LGBTQ youth today enjoy one of the most comprehensive anti-bullying laws in the country thanks to GSE's advocacy.

GSE also helped win marriage equality in New Jersey. Now, we are supporting GSE as it continues the work of advocating for the LGBTQ community. Vulnerable members of our community, especially seniors and transgender/gender-nonconforming youth, need to know that we -- that YOU -- are with them.

Walk. Run. Donate. Join us.
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